Jannik Kossen

Jannik Kossen

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I am a PhD student in the OATML group supervised by Yarin Gal and Tom Rainforth. I am working on (mostly Bayesian) Deep Learning. More specifically, I am currently looking into active learning, semi-supervised learning, and attention. Previously, I have dabbled with structured probabilistic models for object- and physics-aware video prediction. I received an MSc in Physics from Heidelberg University and have spent time studying in Bremen, Darmstadt, Padova, and at UCL.

I am interested in the societal and ethical implications of AI: I have co-authored a book explaining machine learning to a broad audience, discussed the ethics of AI at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, and gathered real-world field experience at Bosch.

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05/21 – Very excited to announce that Active Testing: Sample-Efficient Model Evaluation, my first paper at OATML Oxford, has been accepted for publication at ICML 2021.

04/21 – Selected as reviewer for NeurIPS 2021.

12/20 – Selected as reviewer for ICML 2021.

11/20 – Our YouTube series on explaining AI and ML in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education has launched.

08/20 – Selected as reviewer for Object Representations for Learning and Reasoning Workshop @ NeurIPS 2020.

05/20 – Selected as reviewer for Object-Oriented Learning Workshop @ ICML 2020.

03/20 – Hands-On with AI workshop at Digi-Konferenz organized by Federal Agency for Civic Education in Frankfurt, Germany.

12/19 – Excited to announce that Structured object-aware physics prediction for video modeling and planning has been accepted to ICLR 2020.

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